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Meet the Creator of CoffeeStix

Donna Royston is a high school pharmacy technician instructor by day and an entrepreneur by night. Her Pharmacy Technician distinction provided the foundation for her CoffeeStix skills – she knows how to get down in the lab and mix and compound ingredients to achieve a specific result!

Donna loves her brand because of the opportunity it allows for people to take a moment for themselves and enjoy the simple pleasure of a perfectly flavored cup of coffee no matter where you are. 

Sit. Stir. Sip. with CoffeeStix.

Meet the Director of Operations

Toya Dennis helps run the show at CoffeeStix. She is an entrepreneur, an Army Veteran. She is consistently reminded that a positive attitude and mindset contributes to positive results, and she applies this concept to her work at CoffeeStix and considers the brand the start of generational wealth as it’s being built on faith and good old fashioned hard work.

 Toya loves the brilliance behind the CoffeeStix brand and how the product is so convenient, economical, and tasty! It gives her coffee the smile it’s been missing.